It’s my girlfriend’s birthday in a few months and I want to surprise her on her special day. I can’t decide which gift to give her. I already have two options in mind. My first option is an all-expense paid trip to Cancun for at least three days. I’ve heard her saying before how much she wanted to go there. Her brother lives in Acapulco after he married a girl he met in some latin tour singles social event. Maybe I can ask him to come fly and see us during our stay. Like a little family reunion on top of our romantic holiday.

Another option in my mind is getting her tickets to see Alexander Hamilton. It’s not the Richard Rogers show but rather in the local theater during the U.S. Tour. It’s still Hamilton nonetheless. She’s a big fan of the show. She even made me binge listen to the songs with her. I must say it’s quite good. So, I need to make up my mind so I can make arrangements ahead of time. Both options need a huge chunk of money so I need to prepare for this.