Yesterday we made a reservation for a 7:30 dinner tonight. 

The rebuild is georgeious. 

It's unfortunate that this is the only nice thing I can say

Let's start with the bushwackers. I have had many a great bushwacker here. Tonight was not that Night. The drink was very icy.  The worst bushwacker of this trip. 

Onto the menu.  There were very few choices. My favourites, chicken roti and the wonderful pasta dish have been removed from the menu. The roti is still on the lunch menu.  The menu moved upscale and includes some overpriced sharing dishes. 

The menu had a vegetarian dish,  a lobster bisque with no lobster, they ran out of their chicken dish, they also had a steak dish and a fish dish.  Eating steak on board tomorrow. 

I spoke to the manager and asked if they could accommodate us by offering the lunch menu. The manager was very firm and had a take it or leave it attitude. He did not care in the slightest about the fact that the menu did not have anything of interest. He could have offered the lunch menu. But no dice. I told the manager that we would order appetizers and desert and eat dinner on the boat. He did not care.

We are a group of 6. No one in our group was happy with the menu. 

Those that ordered the fish said it was good but the portions were small.  Two of us ordered the lobster bisque. It had very over cooked shrimp(3), no lobster and a few morals of shrimp. 

No longer do they offer complimentary bread.

We wanted to order a Bailey's ice dessert. They are out of that too. 

Cooper island is gorgeous. Eat dinner on board. You won't be sorry. Limited overpriced menu. Few menu items, staff with a cavalier attitude. 

The bottom line, disappointingly. 

S/V Scuba Doo
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