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Warren, so sorry to hear about your bad experience. There is no excuse for that. My guess is they were busy and ran out of food, so no chicken for chicken roti! Re-supply on an island is always a problem. Maybe the attitude is a consequence of little competition since Irma.

What is with this apologist attitude on this board for poorly run businesses? If you are an open and functioning tourist business get your s**t together and prosper or fail.

I'll kindly mention that there was a storm here in September that was bigger than any storm in BVI recorded history. It's a miracle Cooper is open at all this early so fact that they have anything to offer means they have their s**t together. Many places have a limited menu still. Luckily you found the best solution of your group and ate ashore. Too bad you couldn't suffer thru the 4 offerings and support the people trying to recover and earn a living so they can eat from the limited offerings the BVI has.

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