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Redneck, if you knew me, it’s unlikely you would describe me as an apologist. There are many restaurants here I have refused to patronize over the years because, at that time, their food was poor, their prices were high, or the service sucked.

Living on an out island, I know that you can’t run to the store when you run out of something. And when you get to Riteway, they may also be out if it. Island supply chains are very different than mainland supply chains.

Eugene did a great job on Cooper. His first job in the BVI was out here - he was a great kid, and deserves the success be has had.

I did not specifically call you an apologist. I remarked on an attitude on this board of immediately jumping in to apologize for island businesses that fail to deliver, for whatever reason. I have observed this by being an unregistered user for years and reading many many such posts.

I am actually very aware of all of the challenges of island life. I have lived full time on STT for 35 years, personally experienced David, Klaus, Hugo, Marilyn (lost home), Irma and Maria. The 2017 hurricanes were 8 months ago and it is past time to stop making excuses. If you own a business you need to deliver what your customers want for a price they will pay and leave them with a memory that makes them want to be a return customer. That is the message. If you have grumpy employees change them out. If your BVI suppliers are still blaming all of their inadequacies on the storms dump them and switch to a supplier in STT, or elsewhere, that is brimming with merchandise - or stay closed until you can deliver on what clients demand.

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