I'm late to the conversation, but we just went through for spring break (March 12-19, so not weekends), and breezed right through on both ends. No way in hell I'd pay $80/head. That 3 hour check in on departure is misery in a bottle, but there's some decent fast food and Margaritaville Cafe - ick, I know, but it's better than Subway) I'm a lifelong Parrothead, but Jimmy has really sold out and cheapened the whole lifestyle.

I dream of an outdoor airport lounge with trees, flowers, hammocks, island music, a big sandbox, and a real jerk BBQ food truck / bar. My husband says it would be a security nightmare, like terrorists could drop contraband in with drones, I don't know. There has to be a way, though. I'd pay $80 for that hang out spot. banana