OMG! I have seen tese bananas for a long time in the supermarkets, but we ave never tried them before...
They are FANTASTC!
I'm going to use them the next time I make Banana/Vanilla Rhum!
and also the next time I make banana pancakes!

"One of the sweetest and smallest banana varieties, the baby banana is also known as the Finger Banana, Ladyfinger Banana, Nino Banana, Murapo, and Orito. Just about 3 inches (7.5 cm) long, when ripe, the baby banana has a thick, bright yellow peel and pale, creamy, dense flesh.

The baby banana is native to Colombia, where it grows on a tree-size plant in bunches of “hands” that may each contain ten to twelve “fingers,” or bananas. The bananas are harvested and shipped while still green."

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