Tres Rios is a new property (1 year). It's an AI, which I normally don't do. We did an exchange and that was the only way to use RCI to get back to the Mayan Riviera. TR is beautiful inside and out but way too large and impersonal for us. It will be growing a LOT more (marina, year-round living, more hotel, etc). The water was SO cold (pools and ocean) that there was no one in the water. We tried each day and couldn't stand it. I've been going to the Playa area for 20+ areas and spend most of my time in the water - very disappointed this time. Also they were removing lots of sludge from the ocean at TR using 2 boats and a wheelbarrow. When the waves broke, they were brown/black and there was a foul smell. Not enticing even if the water was warm! Day-time temps were okay, but night was cold! Lobby is HUGE and any time we asked for anything, we seemed to get passed back and forth between staff members and even then the majority of things (dinner res, shuttle res, etc.) were messed up. We finally started doing everything we could ourselves, including setting up all our own cab service in advance directly with the taxidriver. Wouldn't go back. We visited their sister property (Fisherman) just south of Playa and loved it! Smaller, more intimate. Once we discovered Fishermans, we spent all our waking hours there and only returned to Tres Rios to sleep. The beach at Fisherman was beautiful but the water was still cold, so we never got in the ocean. In defense of Tres Rios: their food and presentation were great! Since we're not big eaters, this was nice but didn't make up for the lack of service and efficiency that were so apparent at the Fisherman. At TR, as with most AIs, drinks were watered-down. It must be global warming: I've never seen the Mayan Riviera so cold in February! <img src="" alt="" /> The Playa area is very quickly becoming another Cancun. The partiers used to stay in Cancun but now Playa has/is getting all the nightlife so the partiers are coming to the area. Playa used to be a little fishing villege, as did Puerto Morelas - no more. I'm glad I discovered them 20 years ago and now I'm moving farther south. With the cruise ship dock in Costa Maya now, I'm very afraid that even the areas farther south will become victims. <img src="" alt="" /> This may have been my last trip to the Mayan Riviera.