Friday, June 22nd

We are so excited to finally start on our trip with our grown kids! We left in the afternoon
for a 5 hour trip to Charlotte. It stormed for most of the afternoon and was glad to stop for
an early dinner! Ate at O'Charley's and typical chain fare. Only an hr. till Charlotte so
anxious to get there.

Checked in at 9 p.m. and had 2 rooms which were perfect. After a glass of wine I called it a
day and called for a wake up at 6:30

Ready to go in the a.m. and headed to breakfast which was really good for a chain..oatmeal, eggs,
sausage, etc..anything you might need for a start to your day. Pick up for the airport was 7:30
amd we were off!

Flight was on time and we boarded early and with great winds we landed 30 min. ahead album 07/06/2012of time! Unity was waiting for us and we were in our Sonata in no time..picked up our phone from Sharon
and headed to OBBR.

Check-In was a breeze, especially with rum punches at the desk! Took about 30 min. and we were headed to our room. After unpacking and enjoying our view, the guys noted that it was 25cent corona time at the
bar from 3:30-4:00 so off we went!album 07/06/2012

We had a wonderful first day and spent a little time on the roof top deck with ipod music furnished by the guys and scenery was fantastic.album 07/06/2012

We decided to stay close as we were tired and ate at Daniel's with a table right next to the beach..had a mix of seafood, pasta and complaints!album 07/06/2012

Awoke to a beautiful sunrise and our first of weeklong croissants on the upper deck. It just doesn't get any better than this and our kids quickly became addicted!

We decided to spen our first full day at Orient Beach and we were not disappointed. Plopped down AT Sun beach..15dollars for 2 chairs and umbrella but no charge if you eat lunch and of course we did! Had
grilled Mahi-mahi, burgers, salads, and enjoyed it all.

Monday we decided to head to Pinel Island. We were in the first boat over at 10 a.m. and had no trouble finding chairs. Up on the Key has been closed down by the French Gov. but we still rented chairs there.
had a great day and lunch with various pizzas. [img]http://[/img] javascript: x()