If anyone has had the displeasure of flying American Airlines (formerly USAIRWAYS) our of DCA Gate 35X, I'm hoping all will sound off on what a chaotic mess it is 90+% of the time. Too many (12+) regional jet flights assigned to this "Gate"/"Corral" where you can't sit down, the flights are always delayed, the buses to the plane......but the biggest problem is the counter of workers calling out flight numbers and destinations like it's a cattle auction in a third world country. T W A - Third World Airlines. American Airlines in inheriting this piece of USAIRWAYs with the merger and needs to send a team in to streamline and professionalize the counter, the 4 gate doors, the buses, etc. I'll bet a large number of people miss their flights everyday at GATE 35X. This change is long overdue and hopefully AMERICAN will take it on and clean up Gate 35X at DCA.