Sorry for the late report, but as they say...better late than never. This was our 4th visit to SXM in as many years, and another great vacation. Our flight was on US AIR and was on time and uneventful both ways....just how we like it.

Arrived a few minutes early and quickly spotted Lesley with our rental car. Papers were signed and we were off to Flamingo in a matter of minutes. For the second year in a row we have split our stays........3 days in Simpson Bay and 4 days in Orient Village. This works well for us, as we enjoy the casinos, restaurants, and nightlife for a few days, and then wind down the last 4 days at our home away from home...Club Fantastico.

Upon arriving at Flamingo, we were quickly checked in and given the room we requested in building 7 overlooking the pool and Simpson Bay.....wonderful. Our room was pre-stocked with food and beverage essentials by the lovely Jeannie, who never disappoints......we just love her. We changed into our swimming attire and made our way to the beach to enjoy a couple of hours on the beach and a few cold was good once again. As is typical for us, we snacked, had a few drinks, and retired early after a long day of travel.

We got up early and made our way over to the Yacht Club for breakfast....great place! We then made our way over to OB and parked ourselves in front of Pedros for a day of sun and relaxation. So good to see the July regulars that stopped by and visited as they made their walks down the beach. It's amazing how many people we've gotten to know in just a few years....great bunch of folks. Today was our first 4th of July on OB, so we finally got to see the parade we'd heard so much about on previous trips.....what a fun bunch. We wrapped things up around 4 and heade back to the room to get ready for dinner. We headed down to BBB for a pirate pizza and a couple of beers....excellent as always. We then heade up to the casino for an hour or so, and then hit the Red Piano for a night cap or two before wobbling our way back 'home'.

We awoke and found ourselves back at the Yacht Club....another great breakfast. Decided to just hang out on our home beach for the morning and venture over to Phillipsburg for some afternoon shopping. Snorkeled, swam, snacked, and then gathered things up once the rain came. Drove over to Phillipsburg and bought a few souveniers, drank a couple beers, and observed the crazed soccer fans congegrating to watch the world soccer semi's......these guys love their!

Sunday was moving day....and we were ready. Once again we stopped for a quick bite at the Yacht Club, and then to the store to pick up treats for our four-legged friend, Bella, at Club F. We arrived at Club F around 9 and were warmly greeted by Chloe and Thierry. Bella must have gotten word of the treats we purchased, as she was on our heels waiting for her reward. smile We also noticed a new 'furry friend' of the feathered type gracing the reception area....Happy. Happy is a beautiful parrot that Thierry brought home on a 'spontaneous moment'. After meeting the other guests, we put away our luggage and made our way down to the beach. Nothing new this day, swim, drink, snooze, people-watch, chat, and repeat. Once back at Club F we had some drinks, swam, enjoyed the company, and ended up at LePiment for dinner. We love this place. Neither of us are foodies, but we both have an appreciation for establishments that understand customer service and serve a quality product...this place does both....and very well. After dinner it was back up to the villa for a nightcap, some chattin', and finally some snoozin'.

We've come to learn that of all the places we've travelled, it's not about the fancy resorts, or the swim-up bars, or the 5 star restaurants that make a memorable's the people. Chloe and Thierry have become dear friends to not only us, but to many others that have been lucky enough to find this hidden gem called Club Fantastico. As I was talking to Chloe on departure day, she said something that stuck with me......and it was about how she was amazed at how the quests that have stayed with them over the years seem to build such a strong bond and friendship. It was no different for us on this trip. Amazing and wonderful people....every single one of them. Admittedly, I am the quieter one of this wife is the talkative one. But never have I connected so quickly with others as I have with the guests and hosts at Club F. I can't find enough superlatives to describe this's a magical and special place for us.

And so it was more of the same for our remaining days. Swimming, sunning, rumming, dinner and conversation with new friends, and then pondering our dreaded departure. Since we had a mid-afternoon departure, we headed down to the village for a croissant and then over to OB for a final swim and farewell. A quick shower, some packing, and then farewell hugs with a few pictures taken as keepsakes, before calling it a vacation and heading out. We decided to stop by SSBB for a quick lunch before dropping off the rental car, and as luck would have it, ran into our friends from Club F and got to have lunch with the group before leaving. What a great way to end a vacation.