This morning we decided to rent a CanAm Spyder for the morning. For those of you who do not know what a Spyder is, it's the funny looking motorcycle with two wheels in the front. We own one and know how much fun they can be so we wanted to spend some time driving around SXM on one. We were there as soon as the store opened and were on our way a little after 9 am. We chose to have breakfast at Mr Busby's in Oyster Pond. Heard about their Johnny Cakes and wanted to find out what that was all about. We both had a bacon, egg and cheese Johnny Cake. At home we would call this an egg sandwich but the unique bread that Mr Busby's uses is much better than ours. We both enjoyed our Johnny Cakes. They told us that the water was very calm this morning. It looked like a great place to hang out but we wanted to keep riding. We headed down the hill to check out the Westin. Nice but too big for us smile
Next stop was back to the butterfly farm to try to get a picture of the elusive blue butterfly. We chose to ride along the coast as we headed north. Very nice views along the way. My wife never did get a suitable picture of a blue butterfly but it was fun watching her try to do so. The butterfly farm is so simple, yet so interesting.
We rode a little further north, stopping along the way to take some pictures until it was time to return the Spyder to it's home near the cruise ship docks. It was such a beautiful day for riding that we hated to stop.
Next on the list was Maho Bay and Sunset Beach Bar to watch the planes come and go (and the people too). There were two Royal Caribean ships in port today so there was quite a crowd when we arrived.
We watched the planes until about 4 pm when we decided to head to Grand Case again to find the lolos for dinner. After checking out each lolo we settled on Cynthia's Talk of the Town. It was a good meal but not the best ribs and chicken we have ever had. We enjoyed ourselves none the less, especially watching the lolos "compete" for the next group of diners.
We had heard about the crepe trailer from a local but it wasn't open last night. But tonight our luck changed, it was open! We had ordered two crepes, a Bailey's and a Salted Caramel. Hands down the Salted Caramel was the best. It was by far the best crepe I have ever had. So be sure to check out Le Crepe en Rose if you are in Grand Case. I don't think you will be disappointed.
On our way home we stopped by La Sucriere to feed my pastry addiction. They also had more raspberry sweet bread so we have a loaf in the kitchen for tomorrow morning smile
We did receive some bad news today, Paul from Captain Alan's cancelled our last opportunity for one of his cruises. So it looks like we may have to return to SXM in the near future to make one of his cruises happen.
Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow yet, it's our last full day in SXM.