I'm not sure if I'm shooting myself in the foot by posting a link to photos of the trip here... but here goes... internet privacy is dead anyways:

I was also a part of the crew on "Double Expresso" this past week. The folks at Horizon (Courtney, Jolan, and John) were really nice, and super helpful. Yeah, we never reached them on the radio, but they always answered the phone during business hours, and with a phone provided by them through our charter... it was pretty dang easy to get in touch. The after hours availability was not super consistent, but we never had a problem that went unsolved. Heck, they did the work ahead of time, and we didn't really have any problems... That's what's important to me, the boat was well cared for and ready to go for us when we got there... barring an anchor safety line, Jolan saw that it was missing during our thorough walkthrough and brought a few extra pieces of line to us for the trip... in addition to an older chart that we requested because I get a kick out of drawing lines and doing the good old fashioned hand navigation.

Perhaps it helps to understand our previous chartering experience.. cptkidd and I have done this before, out of Miami, with little support from the boat owner and no comprehensive chart or boat briefing, on a much older vessel that had not been well cared for. This experience with Horizon was practically heavenly by comparison. I'm here to corroborate everything that cptkidd stated, and also note that this particular boat was FAST!!! Performance is not what I expect out of a cruising cat, but this puppy was hitting the double digits under sail and I was impressed.

Onward and Upward,