An attempt at short and to the point.
Got out of Harrisburg JUST before the storm hit here on Saturday, 12/19, AM. De-icing delayed trip about an hour but Harrisburg to Charlotte went OK.
Arrived @ Julianna Airport along with Air Canada and Air France early Saturday evening. 1,000+ people going through Immigration with 3 agents...Long Time but lots of people doing crazy things to entertain us during the long wait.
Many people had delayed arrival due to weather. Our son was delayed 4 days out of Philadelphia.
General Observations-
Traffic: Heavier but better managed with additional round abouts being added. Bridge openings still create stand still but more predictable.
Car Rental: Again used Unity. Even though our plane came in late and the long delay at immigration, they were there waiting for us. A bit of of delay but by this time, the airport was real chaos. Turned the car back yesterday and Michael noted that bumper was scraped and that a claim would have to be filed. I used AMEX so he felt they would cover but I won't know results of that until I contact them and file claim report tomorrow. He felt that $150 would likely cover and that AMEX would pay entire bill.
Restaurants: Went to our usual Gingerbread at the Belair, where we stay, Chesterfields, Greenhouse, Mark's Place but added "Sheer", located in the heart of Philipsburg. Upscale, and if it survives may compete well with Antoines. Superb food and service and trying to make a reputation for themselves. Not cheap but outstanding food and service including valet parking. "Fusion" was also new to us located at top end of Philipsburg boardwalk. Open air, good menu, good service. Mark's Place may lack "ambience and view" but is still my choice for very good food, hugh menu at terrific prices. It still appears to be the locals choice also.
15% Service Charge included: We saw this more often at Dutch side eateries than before. I personally have a problem with this tactic. Especially when you are told that the servers and other staff "really don't get all of the included service charge since part of it goes to electric bill etc." If this is true than the automatic service charge is unfair to staff as well as customers.
Weather: After 20+ years we saw more overcast days than ever in the past, not a lot but maybe 4 out of 21 but we're so used to a quick shower and then sunshine that it was different. Christmas Day we had thunder and lightening that we never saw before in SXM.
Lobster: Chesterfield's probably won but it was a close race. Also Chesterfield's price of $40 may scare some. Greenhouse Lobster Mania on Friday and Tuesday is good at an advertised $20 for 1 lb. Lobster but a 1 lb. lobster is rare so just know that going in. Also, Greenhouse still has great Happy Hour drinks, 2 for price of 1.
Return trip?: Out of SXM on time. Arrival in Phila a half hour early. 4 hour layover, Harrisburg almost bumped but on time. Still like Charlotte lots better than Phila, especially for Customs and Immigration but USAir left no other option.

So much for short and to the point. Any questions?, I'll be happy to respond.