I posted this on another forum, but I'll repost it here which outlines my experience with DYC.

I just finished up a charter with DYC - with the caveat that I have only done one charter with them, I would will probably never charter with them again, and would never put a boat into charter with them. We were on a 2015 Bali 4.3 - I was interested in it as a possible boat to put into charter. The boat was only two years old, but was not in great shape - all the cabinetry hardware was ready to be replaced - hinges completely rusted, faucets badly corroded. We also had a problem with cockroaches on the charter which resulted in them fogging the boat after we returned it. Our electronics had nothing but problems - wifi was almost worthless since we were unable to connect to it much of the time. The main chartplotter at the helm froze on a regular basis and had to be rebooted on a regular basis. The sails looked pretty knackered as well, but I don't have a frame of reference if that would be considered typical. The bottom of the boat was in bad need of cleaning - lots of green slime growing on the bottom. One of our heads blocked completely on the trip necessitating two trips out by the repair team and a complete tear down to fix. Fortunately the head belonged to the skipper that was on board, so we weren't the cause of it.
The skipper that was on board was great but did make the comment that after about 2 years in charter the boats are about done - can't imagine what they look like after 5 years.

I sent an email outlining my experience to DYC - have to yet to hear back.

There are better charter companies out there then DYC - we are on our second charter with BVI Yacht Charters in a 2016 Helia and the difference is night and day - of course it is a newer boat, and is better designed boat, but I'm sure glad that we got the better yacht as our second charter rather than the first!