Here is a response from a good company.

Last charter with BVIYC we had a mechanical issue while at anchor in Long Bay, Mt Point VG. The anchor cranker failed and we called BVIYC.. They called Polo, the mechanic and since it was already afternoon we decided to lay over another night (no boo hoo from me) and he would come the next day. He dinghyed around the point and after a few frustrating hours for him got the anchor up with some VG engineering. He ordered the correct part from BVIYC and we headed to Leverick (our original destination) for the night. Part was there bright and early next morning and we were good to go. On our return to base they had a letter for us apologizing for our trouble and adding a full day to our next charter, no time limit. I am taking them up on their kind offer and our 10 day trip in July is now 11 days.

That is how a class act operation handles problems with boats.

It is better to be happy than it is to be right

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