Wow... Unbelievable...

Having had some experience placing a boat into a charter at CYOA a few months ago I suspect there are two things going on here.

First, looks like the boat wasn't commissioned but rather the household junk was thrown on and the boat pressed into service. I was on my boat one day during commissioning and I can tell you that a proper commissioning goes through a lengthy check list with every single system including every single light bulb checked. While it's possible that the fridges failed after commissioning I rather suspect they may never have worked properly.

Second, it's entirely possible to have some equipment on a boat that either the owner or charter company doesn't want to expose to the charter guest. My charter company for example does not want the electric winches to operate so they disable them for most guests (and they certainly do not advertise the boat to have electric winches). Assuming someone disabled the water maker the fault here isn't that the water maker wasn't working but rather that they were deceptive regarding the equipment on the boat.

My expectation as an owner is that my charter company is taking care of my boat the same way I would take care of it myself. I know this may be a lot to expect but that's what I want and I feel this is what I'm getting. If I owned the boat in the video I'd come unglued!

Life's short - sail more!