Some thoughts

**From my initial look at CYOA, it does appear as though their pricing is a bit higher than the Moorings as we do get the standard Moorings discount as repeat customers**

CYOA has a 10% loyalty discount for repeat customers. Call and talk to John he’s a great guy.

** we generally provision our boat ourselves through a combination of the Moorings, RiteWay/Bobbys/Caribbean Cellars. Is there an equally suitable/.convenient option in St Thomas?**

You are in St. Thomas. Folks from the BVI’s come there to shop.

This not assembly line chartering. The owners and managers are working side by side with the folks on the dock. They know what’s going on.

As far as rough conditions, we normally are there late December early January and I have seen worse in Drake Lake.

If 10 minutes from the airport to the boats is not enough to cinch the deal throw in one of the best wood fired pizzas I’ve ever had right behind the base.