That is correct. J.D. At this time we are booked on AA for our April trip. The flight number has changed a few times but it's still Business Class and it does still exist as a nonstop flight. The AA baggage allowance guides say three free checked bags pp and I'm almost certain the weight allowance is 70 pounds each though that could be old history. That last is really a nonissue though, since I know for a fact there's NO WAY I would ever bring that amount of luggage to SXM for our typical two week plus trip - it's St. Maarten and a medium sized bag each leaves us lots of room for extras and there have been a few trips we've done legal sized carry-on only and that's worked, too, though I do have to think a little more about packing to do that. The two med. bags usually allow us half a bag full of clothes that never get worn and room for some extras too. <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />



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