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British Virgin Islands
29 minutes ago
Originally Posted by WantOwnersTime
find the couples. and then call Moorings or Sunsail. Will you need captain and crew?

There are a lot of options besides Moorings and Sunsail. Consider TMM Charters which has impressed many here (as well as others).

Consider 1 of the many sponsors here on TTOL that are direct from owners. Many of these boats have custom features that you will not find on the "corporate" vessels. And the bases usually have more personal/better customer service.
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British Virgin Islands
36 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bailau
Originally Posted by Schwendy
Tell them to jump off the boat and swim! That's the point I'm at about now! People, especially new crew going on a bareboat charter for the first time, just don't get how hard it is to plan and how much time and work goes into it! My wife and I weren't even going to go this year for financial reasons but a friend that went before with us came to visit. He met one of our girlfriends and "hit it off" with her! She had been with us once before too so in light of this new romance they talked us into planning a trip this year. Keep in mind this took place months ago in April. Our trip is scheduled for October. Now my "friend" has met a new girl after the other one booked her flights and is all set to go. She is recently divorced and he offered to pay for her whole trip! Now he's doing a dance telling me he still wants to go but wants to bring the new girl! He hasn't committed or paid me or the first girl! Now I'm on the hook for the first girl because she can't afford it and I wasn't going myself because I shouldn't be spending the money right now! On top of it all I have the two other girls now screwing around with their flights and early departure date. Never again! Next time it will just be my wife and I on a dinghy.

I think for the most part newbys and takers think it is Disneyland on water...

With all due respect to your friends, Schwendy, how they get back is their problem. Just tell them they will be at Jost night before and they can figure it out.

With the 514 you can get to home base from pretty much anywhere by 1000. We came from White Bay in May.

They sound like they’re the independent types so let them know your schedule and that it’s their responsibility to find a route back to airport.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
43 minutes ago
Went today to the recently reopened Carrefour in Cole Bay. Very nice store with reasonable prices. Will likely be our go to store when staying in the Simpson Bay/Maho area. Will still go to Super U in Marigot for great selection and prices on French wines.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
Carol, there is a bedroom on the 1st floor, but it wasn't available for use while we were there. The master is on the second floor. On a scale of 1-10, pool privacy during the day was 5-6 depending upon your neighbors. Since it was low season, we really didn't see many people. During high season, that number could go down. It really didn't matter to us but then again, Club O is our beach of choice. cool
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
We always use our card. Makes the purchase not hurt as much when you get the miles too.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
Yes, a wise choice. We also have used him for many years and never disappointed. If there is a problem he will remedy it.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
Sunset Cam is up and running. On 5 minutes ago. Not crowded and the rocks are still there 😟
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British Virgin Islands
1 hour ago
Lots of fcfs balls available. I hope that those down here don't have to waste $ on an overpriced boatyball.

If you are down here, wishing you the best on this beautiful day.
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British Virgin Islands
2 hours ago
Hey, Dave:

Try the following link from Walker's website (BVI Pirate). It has all types of recipes and many different ones for Bushwackers.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
3 hours ago
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
4 hours ago
Very, very nice report and so beautifully done. Thank you.......
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
4 hours ago
The beach condition in this respect is usually left firmly in the hands of Mother Nature. The leveling and/or importing of extra sand might solve the immediate problem but i’m Thinking, and not from any particular source of knowledge or specific info, it might create other problems down the road. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to mess with MN. She will often retaliate in ways we don’t even want to contemplate. I would guess, from an ecological viewpoint it’s best to let nature run its course. Just a guess......

My personal thought is it is what it is. We experienced that five foot drop last trip and, being as short as I am, I never did get into the water there. We ultimately left and went to another beach. As much as I love (and have always loved....) Mullet Bay Beach, my personal island favorite, between the height of the sand cliff and the huge numbers of chairs and umbrellas in such very close proximity to each other, not to mention the three big boats that came in while we were there, we decided to move on to a beach more to our liking.
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Charter Boat Reviews and Questions
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by SeeDiver
We're planning on spending several days around ST John at the end of our BVI trip.
We've not taken a boat through Customs in years, so we have some procedural questions:

1) After clearing out at Great Harbor Jost van Dyke, can we remain overnight before heading to Cruz Bay? Can we go ashore after clearing out?
2) Do we need to bring the boat into Cruz Bay for Customs, or just the crew?
3) I remember some discussion of where to tie the dinghy for Customs, but it escapes me.
4) When we enter US waters, do we need some sort of seal on the holding tanks, or is placing the valves in the closed position sufficient while moored?
5 Is there a good place to spent the night with easy access to Cruz Bay for Customs, and perhaps shopping and dinner?
6) any recommended dining spots?

Thanks for any advice or assistance

We do this trip at least once a year. We start by arriving at Great Harbor in Jost Van Dyke around 10ish to noon. We check out of customs telling them we're leaving for St John early morning before they open. After checking out, we dingy over to soggy dollar for the day and spend the night in Great Harbor. We leave around 7/7:30 am the next morning and head over to St John. We have our boat registered with ROAM so now we use the ROAM APT to check into U.S. once we're in U.S. waters without having to physically visiting customs. Before we started using ROAM, we would grab a mooring ball just outside of Cruz Bay and dingy in for customs. We would always dock the dingy at the "public" dingy dock and walk over to customs. Never a problem. We were down about 4 weeks ago and after checking in with ROAM, we still dingy in to check out the rebuilding progress and lunch. We do LOCK the dingy at Cruz Bay.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
5 hours ago
Wow, it looks great!!! Just added more days to our next trip there!
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World Wide Travel
5 hours ago
Talk about lucky! A month on the canals must have been so relaxing and the scenery!! Mike, renting a car does allow flexibility, we fly from Paris to Nice, then drive back from Nice to explore at our pace. Thank you all for the research ideas, keep them coming please. Even though we will be winging it a bit as we usually do, this trip is requiring much research in all areas, not just locations but food, wine, language...when to wear shorts and when not to, ha!
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
7 hours ago
Great deals and military discount also!
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British Virgin Islands
7 hours ago
Sounds awful! smile

Last year we somehow got grouped into shots (tequla I think but maybe whiskey?) with the owner and his father in law after dinner. Fun, fun night!

It's a shame how slippery the dock was that night though! I MUST have slipped off it as the dinghy moved and was dangling with my elbows on the dock, feet in the water and a crew laughing so hard they couldn't (or wouldn't) help me back up! Mutiny! Should have made them walk the plank!

Will you get to stay a couple nights? We love it there and always try to fit 2 in if we can.

Hope you're having a great time!
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British Virgin Islands
7 hours ago
and that is the essence of the "boatyball hole" and why this is a bad idea from a business perspective especially in places where the all year demand for balls isnt there (e.g. CGB)

A shrewd and ethical captain will NOT reserve a boatyball since they can look at the APP and see that there will be plenty of balls to reserve whenever they get to a harbor if they cant find a FCFS cheaper and more flexible ball. As my friend, Alec, most likely being fresh off his macroecon class can tell you the law of comparative advantage kicks in in the off season and/or at not as popular harbors making BB far less desirable and actually serving as the standby for FCFS balls.

A shrewd but less than ethical captain but still with a conscience will come in and if they cant find a FCFS will squat on a BB and slip the owner $30 cash for their troubles.

A less than ethical captain will just squat on the BB realizing that they wont be bothered by the toll takers...

A shrewd business will realize they can maintain they comparative advantage AND raise rates by NOT using boatyball in harbors where BB is prevalent and demand is low due to seasonal or geographic factors. Most likely they will succumb, however to the siren song of the BB slick sales pitch....
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
16 hours ago
Originally Posted by Bill_S

We learned that pharmacists on the French side have prescription powers similar to that of Physician’s Assistants in the USA. So if you unexpectedly come down with something needing new meds, a French side pharmacist might be able to treat your problem.

It worked for us several times over the years.

Worked for me also. Developed diverticulitis while in SXM a few years ago. Went to a French side pharmacy and explained this drug is what I needed. No problem, filled the drug and was improved in a few days.
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British Virgin Islands
17 hours ago
One advantage the Bomba Charger has is that, at 95 passengers, it is the right size. Everybody else is running 149 passengers half full on most runs.
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 11:03 PM
Originally Posted by NolaJag
Yikes, we leave today to head down there and I completely forgot to buy a Saints flag! Thankfully your Clemson discussion reminded me! 😂

Hopefully I will be in Saints Country in January ;-)

Go Tigers!
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 09:42 PM
We take list to cash and carry and stock up there (bulk mainly) and go next door to Riteway and finish it off....have taxi wait and then go back. Never had a provision order that was complete or accurate...

If it helps here is our list...for 8-10 people for 7 days

Ice (Cooler and freezer) – 5 bags (fill boat freezer with 3)
Water – 5 Cases of Bottled and 8 Gallon Jugs
Soda – Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale (1 case each)
Juice – Orange (1 plastic and 4 boxes), Cranberry (2 plastic), Guava (2 boxes), Pineapple (1 plastic and 3 boxes)
Beer (cases of cans) - Light Beer, IPA
Liquor- Vodka, Spiced Rum, Gin, Bourbon
Red & White Wine
Coffee Filters (HOME)
Milk (fridge and non perishable)
Potato Chips
Bagged frozen vegetables
Potatoes (hashed/sliced)
Chips & Salsa
BBQ Sauce
Salad Dressing

Salt & Pepper (HOME)
Sugar (HOME)
Spices (HOME)
Aluminum Foil (HOME)
Plasticware (HOME)
Paper Towels (C&C)
Paper Napkins
Paper Plates
Gallon Ziploc Bags
Trash Bags - Kitchen
Hand Sanitizer

Red Solo Cups (Big)
English Muffins
Bug Spray
Chlorox Wipes (3 pack)
Chlorox Bleach (Small)
Cleaning Pads (HOME)
Deli Meats & Cheeses
Cheese & Crackers
Red & White Wine
Olive Oil
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 08:59 PM
I VOTE for Mahogany as well, I already have a car reserved for one day Dec 23 which will be very high season for them, but they have accommodated me well!
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World Wide Travel
Yesterday at 08:35 PM
So, on our way to Asia we get shifted from United to Asiana due to ORD getting whacked by thunderstorms. The shift only causes a 12 hour delay vice a total reset for the next day. All airlines international flights go out of Term 5 except United.

So that means you get to isit what TSA agent calls “the island”, terminal 5. Terminal 5 is IMPOSSIBLE to walk to from the other terminals. The ATS train either doesn’t exist yet or is totally broken and out of service. But all the signs are up telling you to follow this way and that way to get to Terminal 5. After being fooled twice to find boarded up ATS stations, and wasting almost hour, someone says you have to take a bus from this door at term 2. Guess what no buses from any Terminal after 9pm from anywhere but Term 3. We find that out by leaving term 2 after a huge wait to get a cab at term 3 and there is a bus. Driver says after 9pm,term 3 only pickup.

In years past I flew United and connected with little pain between Concourses B and C.

But if you have to go to M gates in terminal 5 with a short connection, forget it.

Ohare is a Major embarassment from major city. It wouldnt take a few smart people to make some clear signs to at least inform the mess an unfamiliar traveller is being faced with. A handicap traveller, forget it. No one at a United or American counter had a clue how to get to Terminal 5. They just gave the lazy american who cares shrug.

Thanks to the bus driver that showed up we are now in Asia. We almost took a cab from Term 2 to Term 5. Im sure the cabbie wiuld have been thrilled.

As for Asiana, the most professional and efficient ground and cabin crew ever experience for the second time after flying in 2014. These people take their job seriously and it shows.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 08:34 PM
Again, please do not feed the fish. Small fish attract larger fish.

"There's always a larger fish." --- Qui-Gon Jinn
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