Here is the reply you sent to me on my private mail:

I know you guys aren’t the most keen on BoatyBall and I can understand why. I just wanted to let you know that we’re not planning on going the route of demand pricing or radically increasing the cost for reservations. We’re also not planning on getting rid of FCFS moorings. I’ve actually enjoyed reading a lot of your posts about BoatyBall and the BVI in general. So thank you for the feedback and info in general. Cheers.

You already have increased the price of the moorings which a few weeks earlier you had said wouldn’t happen.
You just said that your not planning on getting rid of FCFS moorings which contradicts you saying your taking on more moorings and it turns out the ones you’re taking on are FCFS.
And finally you said Thanks for the feed back and info in general Cheers.

Sounds to me like three strikes and your out..