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So does that mean you don't use Uber? I think it is just a matter of time before this moves to "demand pricing". If my crew really wants to spend extra time at the Dogs, they would probably agree to pay more for a ball at Leverick.

Never used Uber. A mooring ball is like parking. Parking prices (that I'm aware of anyway) don't change by demand - they may change based on weekend or weekday but that is due to businesses causing more weekday traffic. So I guess if it was like parking, perhaps they'd have a busy season/low season. Although hopefully they don't go too far, since there is a very good reason to have mooring balls - to keep people from having to anchor. Better for the seabed to have mooring balls then anchoring. If pricing goes too crazy or changes too frequently, it will likely prompt more to just anchor in the places it is possible.

I think its also important to note that this is done in other areas. Dockwa for example. And while prices can vary, I don't believe they change on demand. There are set prices for days/times - maybe higher prices for holidays..etc. but a price for a specific date today will be the same the day prior too.

Overall, I like the idea - hopefully it remains as it is now with minor adjustments and they don't get greedy.. that's my only concern.

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