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Keep in mind, there's 32 pages of posts here and how many individual users? How many people charter in the BVI? TTOL is popular, but I wouldn't say it is representative of all those chartering in the BVI - might not even be representative of the majority.

Personally, I like the concept of BB, but I'm not sure I like the implementation. I don't want to be concerned with getting online right at 7am to reserve a ball. No more then I want to rush to get a ball at 2pm though. Although prior to Irma (since I haven't been back since) there were only a few spots where this was necessary. Cooper as one example. We've ended up arriving too late to get a ball before and just moved on.

Rather then reserving a ball for that night at 7am, I'd much rather see the ability to reserve a ball a week in advance. At a spot like Cooper where all moorings might be taken many nights, it could make it easier for those planning to pick their night at cooper and adjust the rest of their plans around it. No ball available Mon, you try Tue.. Wed..etc. There are plenty of other issues this could cause though so it would certainly need a fair amount of thought. But this also isn't some new idea. Dockwa is in use around us in New England and seems to work well allowing you to book well in advance. I think the major difference though is that with dockwa, the area you are mooring in owns the mooring balls vs the BVI where that isn't always the case.

Change is hard for most people though, but I think if given a chance, those that are against it might not find it so bad - aside from the 7am rush to reserve a mooring.

The guys at BoatyBall are currently developing the ability to make reservations further in advance. The system has really only been implemented for about three months now and I know there is still a lot of stuff that they've been working on in the app to make it more user friendly. The 7am reservation time was a compromise from the original 12am reservation time. Its not ideal, and they're working on a solution, but 7am is much more doable for most people instead of midnight.