This is all good. One issue was remote anchorages dealing with cash (there is no bank on Virgin Gorda); BoatyBall solves that. Enforcement costs money, in the form of staff on hand; extra revenue helps there. Boaters had to plan their day around arriving early at anchorages; now they can reserve. Yes, fees will go up during peak periods, but that’s due to a shortage of good spots for moorings. As Warren posits, maybe they will decrease during slack times.

Some of the pressure on Anegada is about people wanting that old BVI experience, without cruise ship hordes. The Tortola anchorages - Sopers, Trellis, CGB - don’t seem as popular anymore. Maybe some of that will change as they get cleaned up and rebuilt. Another factor may be that boats are so much larger: twenty 60’ cats take up more space than twenty 30’ monos. In my opinion, space is the real issue here, and there’s nothing BoatyBall can do about that, except make more remote bays viable as paid anchorages.