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Premium users are for the moment limited to six plus everyone who books a charter through boatyball. That has no limit. 6 is a test. I can assure you that if they have more demand they will sell more. In addition your chances of getting a ball at Cooper or Great Harbor during busy times are virtually nil on a cellular internet hookup. As boatyball gains a greater percentage of the mooring balls expect the costs to go higher. Your chances of getting a FCFS ball also will be lower.
Boatyball is about taking your charter dollars that normally went to the BVI economy and diverting the money to a small group of people in the US. In addition instead of spreading the balls throughout a anchorage they have taken the best balls in each location. Where are the promised FCFS boatyballs?

How did they take the best balls in each location? Everyone is complaining that at Cooper they have the closest balls but here in CGB they have the balls in the middle of the mooring field and none of the balls in the SE corner which is closest to the dinghy dock and most protect in swells. Exactly which are the best balls? Does it vary by anchorage?

I guess best in each location is up to individual preferences. The balls they took in CDB are my first choice. They are near the best swimming beach. The most scenic, Close to the dinghy dock and most important where kids want to be. I don’t overnight often in CGB with a North swell but my experience is even the E corner is impacted. The balls they took in CDB used to be the first balls taken. Now they sit empty. Last trip we came into CDB late and they were 2 being used. The rest were empty. The balls are not out in the middle.

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