I hate to keep this thread going but...

I’m a full time cruiser now and only occasionally come back to the BVI when we have visitors on the boat. After pulling into Great Harbor on Jost today and seeing 7 or maybe 8 FCFS ball with everything else converted to boatyball it drove home the point to me that this is such a bad idea and it certainly makes me not want to spend a ton of time in the BVI anymore.

I understand all the pro arguments for boatyball and anchoring instead, although in places like great harbor the holding is bad and in many other places there is not a lot of room anymore. I also know I’m nott the target audience but this nonsense will convince me to spend less time and money than I normally would. We loved the BVI for 20+ years and it’s too bad something like ruins it for some of us.

I think the only way to make this go away is to convince the owners of the mooring balls that this is costing them and other merchants money. Anyone knows who owns these balls in great harbor?

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