I dont think you can make the connection because people use the service they necessarily like the service...I use Parkmobile and EZ Pass to navigate and park in DC and spend a lot of money per year. I dont necessarily "like" the service but it makes my life easier. Most importantly, the apps are easy to use. The BB app/experience isnt there (yet).

The real reason people are using BB is the lack of supply of anchorage/mooring space post Irma which requires people to use boatyball moorings.

I dont have an issue with the BB concept as I have mentioned. I just want the app to be easier to use and when I click on a nongrayed mooring that it is available or if someone else choses it then it is grayed out immediately. Too much of a coincidence to indicate "faster internet" at captains end. I bet issue at server or program at BB end. If this cant be done then offer any ball in the harbor as opposed to having to pick a specific mooring hoping someone else isnt using it.

Part of the problem is the somewhat disingenuous promotion/description of boatyball by the founders to be something it really isnt...its simply PayPal for moorings.